2014-15 Season Approaching

With the start of a new school year, the wrestling season will soon be here.

We welcome all new and returning wrestlers.

To participate in wrestling (or any other sport at Lowell) there are four forms which must be completed.

1) Pre-participation Physical
You must get an athletic physical to participate in ANY sport at Lowell. The physical is valid for one calendar year and covers all sports during that calendar year.

2) Parental Consent form
This form is where your parent or guardian gives consent for you to participate in a specific sport. You must do a separate parental consent form for each sport you participate in at Lowell.

3) Anti-Steroid Agreement
This is where you agree you will not take steroids.

4) Concussion Awareness form
This is where you and your parent acknowledge that there is a risk of concussions in sports

You must have all these forms completed before you can participate in a CIF sport at Lowell. You can download these forms on the Forms page of this site.