Competition Begins This Saturday

We begin our season of competition this Saturday (Dec. 4) with our varsity wrestlers traveling to Half Moon Bay for the Peninsula Invitational and our first-year wrestlers going to O’Connell HS for the AAA Novice Tournament. We will give further details about both tournaments this week.

Varsity challenge matches will be this Tuesday (Nov. 30).

We’ve had ongoing practice attendance problems for the six weeks we’ve been practicing so far. This is unacceptable.Please make sure you are at practice every day from now on. A wrestler who has an unexcused absence from practice will not be allowed to compete that week. More than one unexcused absence during a week or multiple unexcused absences during a 2-3 week period and you run the risk of being cut from the team.

We’ve said before, and it merits repeating that Lowell Wrestling is a competitive CIF sport…not an intramural activity or a club. Therefor, practice attendance is mandatory unless excused IN ADVANCE by a coach.

–Coach Wise