Final Hydration Test – Thursday, December 1

As previously mentioned, all high school wrestlers in California must take and pass a CIF-run hydration test. Most of our team has already taken this test.

There will be a second hydration test on Thursday, December 1, 5:15 PM at SOTA. This second test date is for wrestlers who: 1) participated in a Fall sport; 2) took the SAT on the date of the first test; or 3) took and failed the first test.

Before taking the hydration test, you will need to download and fill out the hydration test documents. Also, if you haven’t already paid Coach Ikeda the test fee or you failed the first test you will need to give Coach Ikeda $10 by this Tuesday.

If you do have not yet taken and passed the hydration test this season and do not do so on December 1 you will NOT be able to wrestle during the 2011-2012 season.