Hydration Test/Sat. Nov. 6

The hydration test day for all CIFSF section wrestlers will be Saturday, Nov. 6 at 9:30 AM at the School of the Arts (SOTA). There will be a make-up hydration test day for those who missed or failed the first one on Wednesday, Dec. 1. CIF regulations state that all wrestlers must take and pass a CIF-approved hydration test in order to be eligible to compete in CIF wrestling. In short, if you don’t take and pass the test…you cannot wrestle in California high school competitions.

What is the hydration test? It is a test whereby a sample of the athlete’s urine is analyzed with a refractometer to measure it’s gravity level. The test will determine if an athlete has dehydrated himself/herself prior to the body composition measurement either unintentionally or intentionally in order to qualify for a lower weight class. The purpose of the hydration test is to help assure that each wrestler’s weight taken at the time of body content measurements is an accurate weight from which a minimum weight can be established. The minimum weight is based on the minimum allowed body fat of 7% fully hydrated.

If your urine sample does not exceed the maximum gravity amount (1.025 or lower), you will then be weighed on a high-end CIF-certified Tanita scale to determine your body composition (weight and body fat percentage). Your body composition will determine the minimum weight class in which you are eligible to wrestle for the season. Having to first pass the hydration test helps prevent wrestlers from gaming the system.

The reason such a test exists and is mandated by CIF is to prevent young wrestlers from excessive weight cutting via severe dehydration. Such methods are unhealthy and have resulted in deaths among high school and collegiate wrestlers.

–Coach Wise