New Wrestling Mats!!

Great news. The Lowell PTSA has approved a grant for new Duralite practice mats for the Lowell Wrestling and Cheer teams. These mats will replace the old torn up mats we have been using for practice. Apart from being new and not ripped up; the new Duralite mats are much lighter and much easier to roll up.

As part of the Lowell PTSA grant, we will also be getting a new mat cleaning system consisting of: a sole mat (for cleaning your wrestling shoes before stepping on the mat), a mat mop (to replace the standard janitor mop we have been using), and two-container mop bucket system (for keeping clean and dirty water separate).

In addition, we will also be getting a new Tanita WB-100A CIF-certified digital scale for our competition weigh-ins and day-to-day weight management.

We should be getting the new wrestling mats in mid-December. The cleaning supplies and scale should arrive by the end of November.

A big thank you to the Lowell PTSA and to all the Lowell parents and alumni who are active in it and donate to it. A wide variety of academic, artistic, and athletic causes received PTSA grants. This serves as a very clear example of the sorts of things PTA/PTSA donations get used for.

–Coach Wise