Pre-Season Conditioning Begins


Lowell Wrestling starts its pre-season conditioning on Monday, Aug. 29.
Unless otherwise noted, will begin each day at the cement volleyball courts behind Lowell.

Pre-season conditioning is an opportunity for you to start getting your body physically ready for the sport of wrestling.

It is not mandatory to attend conditioning every day, although we encourage you to come as often as possible. You should wear work-out clothes: shorts, t-shirt, and/or sweats and running shoes. A water bottle is also highly recommended.

The first official day of practice on wrestling mats will be Thursday, Oct. 13, 3:45 – 6:00pm. Before that time, you should make sure to get an athletic physical and take care of other needed paperwork. You can get the necessary physical form and all other paperwork at:

Michael Wise – Head Coach
Lowell Wrestling