So You Want To Be a Lowell Wrestler


For comprehensive info on the administrative tasks you need to take care of in order to participate in Lowell Wrestling, please see:

This is the gear you will need:

wrestling shoes
These are a must-have and are the only shoes you are allowed to wear on wrestling mats.  Wrestling shoes are specially designed for quick mobility and traction on mat surfaces. You can get them in many brands, styles, colors, and prices ($45-$75 is a pretty good price range).  I would limit my brand selection to: Adidas, Asics, and Nike.
* don’t think that more $$ always =  better shoe

In SF, Sports Authority and Big 5 carry them, but their selection in SF is both extremely limited as well as over-priced. You are better off getting shoes online. Not that I’m endorsing them, but I get most of my stuff from If you see something you like, you can always Google around to find a cheaper price.

Before spending any money on these, it would be fiscally prudent to make sure wrestling is a sport you will stick with. If you know right now that you are definitely  going to participate in The Sport of the Gods; get shoes now. If you’re testing the waters and uncertain; hold off on the shoes. We will allow you to practice in socks for the first few weeks (although traction will be a major issue for you)

work-out clothes
Have at least a few pairs of t-shirts and shorts you can use for working out in. We sweat a lot in practice, so for hygienic and simple stink reasons, I do NOT want to see (or smell) people wearing the same shirt every day.

head gear
These are not required wearing in practice, but they are for all competitions. They protect you from cauliflower ear ( ).  Lowell Wrestling has about a dozen headgear which we loan to wrestlers without their own at competitions. However, most Lowell wrestlers get their own headgear. They are relatively cheap.

knee pads
While not required, these are recommended. In addition to preventing you from friction burn (“mat burn”) on your knees; they also lessen the shock to your knees when executing low-level shots and slightly increase your mobility while mat wrestling.

water bottle
Our practices are very physically rigorous. You will sweat…a lot!  Depending on your body size, you can expect to sweat out anywhere from 2-5 lbs (32 – 80 fluid ounces) a practice. It is important to stay hydrated in such conditions. There is a water fountain in the practice area, but it’s kind of nasty. Having your own 32 oz water bottle is highly recommended.