Sports Physicals and Other Paperwork

medical_smReturning and prospective Lowell wrestlers:

NOW is the time to start taking care of your sports physicals and other paperwork required to participate in CIF athletics at Lowell and in the SF Section.

A couple of notes on these forms:

1) It is important that you use the current Preparticipation Physical form on our site. Do not use some form you have from previous years or which your doctor has in the office. The district changes this form every year, and Coach Ray rejects old forms I give to him. The attached one came right from CIFSF  in recent days.

2) The SF Section has imposed new required form: Cardiac Arrest Info, bringing our total to five required forms:
a) Preparticipation Physical
b) Parent Consent
c) Concussion Information
d) Cardiac Arrest Info
e) Antisteroid Agreement

3) The SF Section also has Chinese-language versions of the Parent Consent, Concussion Information, and Antisteroid Agreement (also attached) for those parents who may need/prefer them.

You can download any or all of these forms at any time from the Forms section of this site:

No hurry on the forms right now, but PLEASE start working on getting your physicals.

–Coach Wise