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Lowell Wrestling Defeats Galileo 46-32 – Completes Undefeated Regular Season

Lowell Wrestling team right after finishing undefeated in the regular season

Lowell Wrestling team right after finishing undefeated in the regular season

Lowell Wrestling faced Galileo tonight at Lowell in our final section dual meet of the regular season.
It was a also a battle of two 8-0 teams. There can be only one winner though, and we made sure that was us. We have now completed our regular season with a record of 9-0 and a point differential of 376-110 over section opponents.

There were eight contested matches with Lowell winning five of them (four by pin). In matches actually wrestled, Lowell outscored Galileo 28-14.

Herman Zeng (senior, 138lbs) works a half nelson with leg lift on his way to a 1st period pin

Herman Zeng (senior, 138lbs) works a half nelson with leg lift on his way to a 1st period pin

Asa Jungreis (senior/team captain – 132 lbs) won his match by pin in 59 seconds. Herman Zeng (senior – 138 lbs) pinned his opponent in 1:34. Next up was sophomore, Sanchez O’Leary (145 lbs) who had an opponent, but Galileo decided to intentionally forfeit the match. Kian Mojabi (junior – 152 lbs) won his match by 9-1 major decision. First-year senior Kevin Nguyen and Marco Kwan (junior – 120 lbs) both won by 3rd period pins.

We now head into our state championship qualifiers with the girls heading to San Jose this Friday to compete in the Central Coast Championships where the top three placers in each weight class go to the state championships in Visalia on February 26. The boys will compete at the SF Section Wrestling Championships (aka “All City”) at Lincoln HS this Saturday where the champion in each weight class will go to the boys state championships in Bakersfield on March 4.

The highest team score at All City will be crowned the SF Section champion. We have been training hard for five and a half months for this very moment: the post-season.

Lowell Defeats O’Connell 54-18

Kevin ready to get his hand raised while his foe wonders what just happened

Kevin ready to get his hand raised while his foe wonders what just happened

Lowell traveled to O’Connell tonight for our eighth section dual of the season. We came out victorious 54-18 improving our section record to 8-0.

We knew O’Connell’s line-up would be light, but we practice to compete no matter how big or small the team…and that we did winning all our matches by first period pins in an average time of 60 seconds. The only points we gave up were forfeit points for a few wrestlers who weren’t able to compete tonight.

For me, the highlight was Kevin Nguyen (senior, 184 lbs) hitting his opponent with a low single that would make John Smith clap and then running a barbed wire for the pin.

We are now preparing for our final section competition of the season: Galileo at Lowell next Tuesday, Feb. 16, 5pm. The battle of the two undefeated teams. Somebody has to lose, and we have not been training hard for six months for that person to be us.

Come watch Lowell compete against Galileo. Let’s get a packed gym!!!

Lowell Defeats Washington 54-12

Nicholas Woo hits a switch for a reversal en route to a pin

Nicholas Woo hits a switch for a reversal en route to a pin

Coming off last weeks 44-21 victory over Mission, Lowell Wrestling traveled to Washington tonight of face them in a section competition. Lowell emerged victorious with a final score of 54-12 and winning seven of eight matches wrestled.

Lowell wrestlers racked up four pins: Marco Kwan (junior – 120lbs); Nicholas Woo (junior – 126lbs); Kian Mojabi (junior – 145lbs); and Andy Jiang (senior – 152lbs). Chris O’Neill (junior) won by 16-1 tech fall at 106 lbs. Asa Jungreis (senior – 132lbs) pulling off a 7-5 decision against a very solid opponent. For me at least, the dual highlight was freshman, Giovani Thai (113lbs), winning by 10-4 in his first varsity competition ever.

With this win, Lowell Wrestling improves its season record in the SF Section to 7-0 with just two section competitions remaining: O’Connell next Tuesday (Feb. 9) at Lowell followed by Galileo on Tuesday, Feb. 16 at Lowell.

Lowell Defeats SF International 63-12

Asa Jungreis working a bar stack for the pin

Asa Jungreis working a bar stack for the pin

In our fourth SF Section dual of the season, Lowell Wrestling defeated San Francisco International 63-12 Thursday evening.

In a dual meet beset with a lot of forfeits due to major holes in the SFI line-up, Lowell still took care of business on the mat winning 75% of the matches wrestled.

There were notable performances by: Asa Jungreis (senior, 138) with a pin in 34 seconds, Chris O’Neill (junior, 113) with a first period pin, and Kian Mojabi (junior, 152) also had and exciting 11-9 win in overtime.

Next up for the Lowell wrestlers will be the Clayton Valley Invitational for the varsity squad and the Albany Invitational for the JV squad on Saturday, followed by The Amazon tournament at San Rafael HS on Monday for our lady warriors.

Lowell Defeats Balboa 50-12

In between periods, Sanchez O'Leary checks for direction.

In between periods, Sanchez O’Leary checks for direction.

In its home opener section dual, Lowell Wrestling defeated Balboa 50-12 Monday evening.

Coming off section road wins against Lincoln (66-12) on Jan. 5 and June Jordan (54-9) on Jan. 7, Lowell had its first home section dual of the season against Balboa Monday, Jan. 11 winning by a comfortable margin and bringing our section record to 3-0.

Although there were some holes in the line-ups causing some forfeits, eight matches were wrestled with Lowell winning six of those eight. Our match wins consisted of four pins and two major decisions.

Getting wins for Lowell were Chris O’Neill (junior, 106) with a win by forfeit; Marco Kwan (junior, 120) with a win by 15-2 major decision; Nick Woo (junior, 126) with a 10-0 major decision; Asa Jungreis (senior, 138) with win by 2nd period pin; Sanchez O’Leary (soph, 152) with win by 2nd period pin, Andy Jiang (senior, 160) with a win by forfeit; John Cedrick Dente (senior, 182) with a pin in 55 seconds; Kevin Nguyen (senior, 195) with a 2nd period pin; and Chris Fong (senior, 220) with a forfeit.

Out next competition will be another home dual this Thursday against SF International this Thursday, 5pm in the Lowell gym.

Lowell Opens Season with 66-12 Win over Lincoln

Chris Fong seconds after pinning his first ever section dual opponent

Chris Fong seconds after pinning his first ever section dual opponent

In our season opening section dual, Lowell powered by Lincoln 66-12.

We won eight of nine matches wrestled with seven of those wins coming by pin.

Cris O’Neill started the action with a pin in 27 seconds. The next match saw Herman Zeng win by 7-4 decision. Ryan Chan then restarted the pin machine with a second period pin. Asa Jungreis kept things going with a pin in 1:45. Kian Mojabi then got a pin in 1:50. This was followed by Andy Jiang getting a pin in 1:15 and then John Dente getting one in just 22 seconds!

Next up was Kevin Nguyen facing a very physical Lincoln wrestler and losing by pin. Chris Fong closed out the dual with a pin in 1:10.

total matches wrestled: 9
total wins: 8
total pins: 7
average pin time: 1:32
final score: Lowell – 66, Lincoln – 12

Lowell Wrestles Strong at Super Novice Tournament

Joshua Wang a split second away from his first pin (and win) in his first wrestling match ever.

Joshua Wang a split second away from his first pin (and win) in his first wrestling match ever.

Lowell sent 16 wrestlers to the Super Novice novice/JV tournament at San Rafael HS on Saturday, Nov. 28.

For most of those 16, it was their first time ever competing in the sport of wrestling. Eight weeks ago, they hadn’t even ever seen a wrestling mat much less know how to wrestle.

Lowell competed in 51 total wrestling matches winning nearly 2/3 of them and earning four first place finishes.

In particular the Lowell girls had a very strong showing. We sent eight girls (seven who are first-year wrestlers) who wrestled 24 total matches and won 83% of them.

Here are your first place finishers:

Hatuey Hernandez (soph) – 1st place, boys 120 lbs.
Ella Gibson (frosh) – 1st place, girls 126 lbs
Jill Liang (soph) – 1st place, girls 131 lbs
Sarah Chambers (soph) – 1st place, girls 143 lbs

CIF Weight Assessment – Saturday, Oct. 31, 8:00am

Tanita TBF-300WA_sm
Lowell Wrestling will have its mandatory CIF Section weight assessment (aka “hydration”) testing done on Saturday, Oct. 31, 8:00am.


We will meet in the SOTA upper parking lot no later than 7:30 am on Oct. 31. PLEASE BE ON TIME!

Weight assessments by CIF-recognized medical personnel* are MANDATORY for all high school wrestlers in the state of California. If you do not take it; you cannot compete in high school wrestling in California.

There is a CIF Wrestling Weight Certification form in the Forms section of this site that each of you needs to print out. You and a parent/guardian should read it and return page three (signed by both of you) to me ASAP.

Prior to taking the assessment, it’s important that you are well hydrated…meaning you have lots of water in your system. You should start drinking lots of water starting Friday (Oct. 30) after practice and continuing drinking water when you wake up early Saturday morning. Refrain from sodas and caffeinated drinks during this time. Your urine should look clear as water when you go in for your weight assessment.

Lastly, the CIF Section assesses schools $10 per wrestler for this test. This amount compensates the UCSF sports medicine personnel who conducts this test. You will each need to provide that to me.

Please submit the signed weight management parent permission form and $10 payment to me no later than 6pm Wednesday, Oct. 29. If payment is an undue hardship to you/your family, please let me know privately.

More Info
The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) is the governing body
for all sanctioned high school athletics in the state. With respect to
wrestling, CIF regulations state that male wrestlers may have no less
than 7% and female wrestlers no less than 12% body fat to compete.

These minimums are for your health safety. In past decades, some wrestlers reduced their weight to dangerously low body fat percentages in an effort to wrestle at a lighter weight class. This resulted in some hospitalizations and a couple fatalities within a few college programs.

The weight assessment will determine your current body fat percentage. From that, your minimum wrestling weight on any given day as well as overall is determined. The maximum weight a wrestler may lose per week is 1.5% of their total body weight. They can keep losing 1.5% per week until their minimum wrestling weight is reached.

Here is an example of what I mean (using a male wrestler):

initial assessment weight: 160lbs
initial body fat percentage: 12.2%
minimum weight end of week 1: 157.6 lbs [160 – 1.5%]
minimum weight end of week 2: 155.2 lbs (157.6 x 1.5%)
minimum wrestling weight: 151.68lbs
[(12.2% – 7% = 5.2% total weight loss) x 160 – 4.8% = 151.68]

Before your body fat percentage is determined, you must first have a certain water content percentage in your urine. This is to prevent people from gaming the system by sweating out weight before the test (making their weight artificially low). Therefor, all wrestlers will need to drink lots of water the night before and the morning of this test.

—Coach Wise

* male and female medical staff from the UCSF PlaySafe Program will be conducting the urine gravity analyses and the weight assessments.

Practice Begins Tues., Oct. 13


Lowell Wrestling will begin official practices for the 2015-16 season this coming Tuesday, Oct. 13.

Practices are in the cafeteria Monday – Friday, 3:45pm – 6:00pm and Saturdays (optional, but recommended) 9:00am – 12:00pm.

We’ve had just under 30 student-athletes (including 13 girls) participating in pre-season conditioning over the last six weeks, but that is not a prerequisite to being on the team; a commitment to excellence and a strong work ethic is. We are in particular need of guys in the 190 – 285 lb range.

FYI: there are prerequisites a student-athlete needs to fulfill before he/she can participate in wrestling for any other sport at Lowell:

1) Preparticipation Physical
2) Parent Consent
3) Concussion Information
4) Cardiac Arrest Info
5) Antisteroid Agreement

You can download all necessary forms for these things at:


So You Want To Be a Lowell Wrestler


For comprehensive info on the administrative tasks you need to take care of in order to participate in Lowell Wrestling, please see:


This is the gear you will need:

wrestling shoes
These are a must-have and are the only shoes you are allowed to wear on wrestling mats.  Wrestling shoes are specially designed for quick mobility and traction on mat surfaces. You can get them in many brands, styles, colors, and prices ($45-$75 is a pretty good price range).  I would limit my brand selection to: Adidas, Asics, and Nike.
* don’t think that more $$ always =  better shoe

In SF, Sports Authority and Big 5 carry them, but their selection in SF is both extremely limited as well as over-priced. You are better off getting shoes online. Not that I’m endorsing them, but I get most of my stuff from http://www.wwsport.com/c/wrestling. If you see something you like, you can always Google around to find a cheaper price.

Before spending any money on these, it would be fiscally prudent to make sure wrestling is a sport you will stick with. If you know right now that you are definitely  going to participate in The Sport of the Gods; get shoes now. If you’re testing the waters and uncertain; hold off on the shoes. We will allow you to practice in socks for the first few weeks (although traction will be a major issue for you)

work-out clothes
Have at least a few pairs of t-shirts and shorts you can use for working out in. We sweat a lot in practice, so for hygienic and simple stink reasons, I do NOT want to see (or smell) people wearing the same shirt every day.

head gear
These are not required wearing in practice, but they are for all competitions. They protect you from cauliflower ear ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cauliflower_ear ).  Lowell Wrestling has about a dozen headgear which we loan to wrestlers without their own at competitions. However, most Lowell wrestlers get their own headgear. They are relatively cheap.

knee pads
While not required, these are recommended. In addition to preventing you from friction burn (“mat burn”) on your knees; they also lessen the shock to your knees when executing low-level shots and slightly increase your mobility while mat wrestling.

water bottle
Our practices are very physically rigorous. You will sweat…a lot!  Depending on your body size, you can expect to sweat out anywhere from 2-5 lbs (32 – 80 fluid ounces) a practice. It is important to stay hydrated in such conditions. There is a water fountain in the practice area, but it’s kind of nasty. Having your own 32 oz water bottle is highly recommended.