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Lowell Medals Seven at Clayton Valley JV Wrestling Tournament

Lowell wrestlers after a long day wrestling at Clayton Valley

Lowell sent 13 wrestlers to the Clayton Valley Shootout JV wrestling tournament at Clayton Valley HS in Concord on Saturday, Dec. 10.

Thirty-three mostly North Coast Section schools competed. Lowell finished the day with: four 1st place; two 2nd place; and one 3rd place finish.

Finishing in 1st place were:
Bryant Nguyen (senior) – 220lbs
Jonah Nascimento (soph) – 132lbs
PJ O’Leary (frosh) – 145lbs
Song Zhao (frosh) – 220lbs

Finishing in 2nd place were:
Jalen Ng (soph) – 138lbs
Max Song (soph) – 220lbs

Finishing in 3rd place was:
Giovani Thai (soph) – 120lbs

Lowell JV Wrestlers Shine at Half Moon Bay

Lowell wrestlers showing off the medals won at the Peninsula JV Invitational

Lowell wrestlers showing off the medals won at the Peninsula JV Invitational

The Lowell JV wrestlers competed at the Peninsula Invitational JV wrestling tournament this past Friday, Dec. 2.

15 Lowell wrestlers competed. It was the first wrestling competition ever for eleven of those fifteen who before this school year had probably never seen a wrestling mat in their lives.

Lowell put on a very strong performance finishing 5th place out of 23 mostly CCS schools. That placement was anchored by eight Lowell wrestlers placing including one 1st place, one 2nd place, and two 3rd place finishes

Placing for Lowell were:

1st – Jonah Nascimento (soph) 132 lbs
2nd – Jacob Goldstein (junior) 132 lbs
3rd – Giovani Thai (soph) 120 lbs & Slavik Gevorkyan (soph) 132 lbs
4th – Michael Ryaboy (frosh) 138 lbs
5th – Bryant Nguyen (senior) 220 lbs
7th – Jalen Ng (soph) 138 lbs and Ali Shaikh (soph) 145 lbs

This was the first wrestling competition ever for Slavik, Michael, Bryant, and Ali.

Lowell Girls Make Noise at Menlo-Atherton

Brittney Dare moments after a quick pin victory

Brittney Dare moments after a quick pin victory

The Lowell girl wrestlers traveled to the Bear Bash tournament at Menlo-Atherton HS Saturday. Six Lowell girls competed in a field of 18 CCS and NCS schools.

Tianna Siu (senior) took 2nd place in the 131 lb weight class. Her wins included a gutsy 3rd period come from behind pin in her final match. Anne Chamberlain (senior) took 2nd at 126 lbs, and Brittney Dare (junior) took second place at 121 lbs putting on several exciting performances including defeating the CCS #2 ranked girl at 121 lbs.

This is the first tournament of the season for the girls with seven more to go between now and February on a quest for CCS and then CIF State championships.

CIF Weight Assessment – Saturday, Nov. 5, 8:30am

Tanita TBF-300WA_sm
Lowell Wrestling will have its mandatory CIF Section weight assessment (aka “hydration”) testing done on Saturday, Nov. 5, 8:30am.

We will meet in the SOTA upper parking lot no later than 7:45 am on Nov. 5. PLEASE BE ON TIME!

Weight assessments by CIF-recognized medical personnel* are MANDATORY for all high school wrestlers in the state of California. If you do not take it; you cannot compete in high school wrestling in California.

There is a CIF Wrestling Weight Certification form in the Forms section of this site that each of you needs to print out. You and a parent/guardian should read it and return page three (signed by both of you) to me ASAP.

Prior to taking the assessment, it’s important that you are well hydrated…meaning you have lots of water in your system. You should start drinking lots of water starting Friday (Nov. 4) after practice and continuing drinking water when you wake up early Saturday morning. Refrain from sodas and caffeinated drinks during this time. Your urine should look clear as water when you go in for your weight assessment.

Please submit the signed weight management parent permission form to me no later than 6pm Wednesday, Nov. 2.

More Info
The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) is the governing body for all sanctioned high school athletics in the state. With respect to wrestling, CIF regulations state that male wrestlers may have no less than 7% and female wrestlers no less than 12% body fat to compete.

These minimums are for your health safety. In past decades, some wrestlers reduced their weight to dangerously low body fat percentages in an effort to wrestle at a lighter weight class. This resulted in some hospitalizations and a couple fatalities within a few college programs.

The weight assessment will determine your current body fat percentage. From that, your minimum wrestling weight on any given day as well as overall is determined. The maximum weight a wrestler may lose per week is 1.5% of their total body weight. They can keep losing 1.5% per week until their minimum wrestling weight is reached.

Here is an example of what I mean (using a male wrestler):

initial assessment weight: 160lbs
initial body fat percentage: 12.2%
minimum weight end of week 1: 157.6 lbs [160 – 1.5%]
minimum weight end of week 2: 155.2 lbs (157.6 x 1.5%)
minimum wrestling weight: 151.68lbs
[(12.2% – 7% = 5.2% total weight loss) x 160 – 4.8% = 151.68]

Before your body fat percentage is determined, you must first have a certain water content percentage in your urine. This is to prevent people from gaming the system by sweating out weight before the test (making their weight artificially low). Therefor, all wrestlers will need to drink lots of water the night before and the morning of this test.

—Coach Wise

* male and female medical staff from the UCSF PlaySafe Program will be conducting the urine gravity analyses and the weight assessments.

Wrestling practice begins this Thursday, Oct. 13.

We will be in our new practice area within the eastern-most new building (the detached one).

Practices will be Monday – Friday, 3:45pm – 6:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am – 12:00pm.

You should wear work out shorts, t-shirt, and running shoes. Returning wrestlers should also bring their wrestling shoes. A filled water bottle is HIGHLY recommended.

As a reminder, you need to get a sports physical as well as do other paperwork. See: https://lowellwrestling.com/forms/

** If you do not have Block 8, please come to the practice area at 3:00pm to help set up**

Lastly, there are 27 out of 43 potential new wrestlers who gave us their email address back in August saying they are interested in wrestling…but who we haven’t seen at all at our pre-season conditioning over the last six weeks. There are also five wrestlers who were on the squad last year who we have not seen at conditioning. If you are no longer interested in going out for or returning to wrestling…please let me know now.

Pre-Season Conditioning Begins


Lowell Wrestling starts its pre-season conditioning on Monday, Aug. 29.
Unless otherwise noted, will begin each day at the cement volleyball courts behind Lowell.

Pre-season conditioning is an opportunity for you to start getting your body physically ready for the sport of wrestling.

It is not mandatory to attend conditioning every day, although we encourage you to come as often as possible. You should wear work-out clothes: shorts, t-shirt, and/or sweats and running shoes. A water bottle is also highly recommended.

The first official day of practice on wrestling mats will be Thursday, Oct. 13, 3:45 – 6:00pm. Before that time, you should make sure to get an athletic physical and take care of other needed paperwork. You can get the necessary physical form and all other paperwork at:

Michael Wise – Head Coach
Lowell Wrestling

Wrestling Demonstration on Friday, August 19


Wrestling demonstration in the gym for all PE classes on Friday, August 19

Pre-season conditioning begins the week of August 29

Official practices begin on Thursday, October 13.

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports on the planet and an original Olympic sport. It is a combat sport where matches are done individually at tournaments as well as team competition dual meets.

Lowell Wrestling expects to have 25 returning wrestlers this season (13 boys and 12 girls). We hope to gain at least 12 new wrestlers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are big or small or anywhere in between. There are 14 weight classes starting at 106 lbs (boys)/101 lbs (girls) and ending at 285 lbs (boys)/235 lbs (girls). It also doesn’t matter if you are stocky or lanky. There is no specific wrestling body type.

There are no try-outs. If you come to practice and work hard in practice…you are on the team. We do not care if you’ve never done a sport or thought of yourself as an athlete. Our training is very physically demanding, and we have a team of coaches with state, national, and international-level competition experience to forge warriors out of any girl or boy with the determination, dedication, and will to be one.

In U.S. high schools and colleges the collegiate style is used which is more focused on control whereas the two international styles (freestyle and Greco-Roman) taking place at this very moment at the Olympics are more about exposure.

Our season
end of August – mid-October: pre-season conditioning
mid-October – end of November : just practices
December – beginning of February: tournament competitions
January – mid-February: CIF SF Section dual meet competitions
end of February: CIF Girls State Championships
beginning of March: CIF Boys State Championships


Some Wrestling Facts

  • There are around 260,000 high school wrestlers competing at 11,000 high schools in the country.
  • Girls wrestling is one of the fast growing high school sports in the country with a 169% growth in the last five years.
  • If you are a football lineman, step right up. There are dozens of former high school and collegiate wrestlers playing in the NFL today.
    “I would have all my offensive linemen wrestle if I could.” – John Madden – Hall of Fame NFL Coach
  • The actor, Benjamin Bratt is a Lowell Wrestling alumnus