Wrestling Demonstration on Friday, August 19


Wrestling demonstration in the gym for all PE classes on Friday, August 19

Pre-season conditioning begins the week of August 29

Official practices begin on Thursday, October 13.

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports on the planet and an original Olympic sport. It is a combat sport where matches are done individually at tournaments as well as team competition dual meets.

Lowell Wrestling expects to have 25 returning wrestlers this season (13 boys and 12 girls). We hope to gain at least 12 new wrestlers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are big or small or anywhere in between. There are 14 weight classes starting at 106 lbs (boys)/101 lbs (girls) and ending at 285 lbs (boys)/235 lbs (girls). It also doesn’t matter if you are stocky or lanky. There is no specific wrestling body type.

There are no try-outs. If you come to practice and work hard in practice…you are on the team. We do not care if you’ve never done a sport or thought of yourself as an athlete. Our training is very physically demanding, and we have a team of coaches with state, national, and international-level competition experience to forge warriors out of any girl or boy with the determination, dedication, and will to be one.

In U.S. high schools and colleges the collegiate style is used which is more focused on control whereas the two international styles (freestyle and Greco-Roman) taking place at this very moment at the Olympics are more about exposure.

Our season
end of August – mid-October: pre-season conditioning
mid-October – end of November : just practices
December – beginning of February: tournament competitions
January – mid-February: CIF SF Section dual meet competitions
end of February: CIF Girls State Championships
beginning of March: CIF Boys State Championships


Some Wrestling Facts

  • There are around 260,000 high school wrestlers competing at 11,000 high schools in the country.
  • Girls wrestling is one of the fast growing high school sports in the country with a 169% growth in the last five years.
  • If you are a football lineman, step right up. There are dozens of former high school and collegiate wrestlers playing in the NFL today.
    “I would have all my offensive linemen wrestle if I could.” – John Madden – Hall of Fame NFL Coach
  • The actor, Benjamin Bratt is a Lowell Wrestling alumnus